Professional sharpening service direct to your door

We cover across the south of England

A sharpening service that is innovative.

We provide a fast and efficient mobile sharpening service

Hair industry Barber/Hairdressing

Animal Grooming

Domestic kitchens

Professionals Kitchens

With high quality results, fast delivery, and great service with fantastic prices.

How it works

  1. Call or WhatsApp to Book an appointment
  2. The mobile Cutting Edge Clinic conveniently comes to you
  3. The scissors, shears, Clipper Blades, Knives are inspected and prepared with industry best practice and our unique hand-and-stone grind process to ensure you have a sharp cutting edge
  4. We deliver the sharp and perfectly sterile knives, scissors or shears, back to you
  5. Enjoy the effortless cutting

Call 01202 007755 or WhatsApp 07852741401

to book an appointment

Pet Groomers


 All Scissors

 Clipper Service & Repair

 12 Step Clipper Blade sharpening

Professional kitchens & Home Cooks

 let’s Keep you Chef Sharp!

Hairdressers & Barbers

All Scissors & Clipper Blades

Bevel Edge/Semi Convex/Convex 

High polish Factory Finish 

To achieve the sharpest edges, we use precision sharpening equipment to achieve excellent results.

We come to your home or premises

making it convenient for you

 Our mobile Cutting Edge Clinic can bring 99% of edges back to life.

Call in the experts with the experience and specialist equipment to restore your edges to that, ‘good as new’ sharpness.

Cutting Edge Clinic & Sharpness

Clipper Blades- Try our 12 step clipper blade sharpening, with hollow -ground.

Scissors- From Bevel to Convex, and Thinners.  

Knives- Broken tips,  nicks and dents. 

Why chose the Cutting Edge Clinic?

We come to you.

We carefully inspect each blade or tool and assess the best method to sharpen or repair it. We have a variety of options at our fingertips such as natural and synthetic whetstones, rotary whetstones, buffing machines and variable speed belt sanders, we will get your edge back.